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The Renaissance Hotel, where the conferences will be held, is surprisingly modern! The design of its conference rooms is specifically intended to inspire creativity, communication, and team work. The view from the AIR Rooftop is breathtaking and the hotel’s rooms will delight you with their look and comfort. Located in downtown Montreal, the hotel is ideally situated to allow you to enjoy the effervescence permeating the air in July.

Address : 1250 Boulevard Robert-Bourrassa, Montreal, Quebec H3B 3B8

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3-Course Dinner Cruise and Circus /St-Lawrence River

Come aboard for a dinner-cruise to discover Montreal on the St-Lawrence River. A three-course meal awaits you, as do the sounds of a DJ and international circus stars performing before your eyes.

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About Montreal

Montreal has long been considered a leader in the field of technology, but in recent years, Montreal has become a powerhouse in sectors such as the gaming and visual effects industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the artificial intelligence industry.

The metropolis is now recognized as a hub/hotspot for technological innovation with its multitude of start-ups in artificial intelligence (more than 100 in 2017-2018), its flourishing ecosystem and hundreds of university researchers, each one more qualified than the other!

The labor market in Montreal is also among the most lively and dynamic in North America with unparalleled development opportunities. We have only to think of the multiple international groups such as Google Brain or Facebook Al Research that choose to settle there, in addition to large-scale local successes such as Cirque du Soleil, Stingray Music or Element AI, to name but a few.

A colorful city in perpetual effervescence with constant bustle, Montreal is right up there with the big cities of the world. Come stroll through its streets, admire its rich architecture and indulge in a snack of one of the food trucks found on the corner of many streets. You will be able to taste a multitude of typical Quebec dishes as well as world cuisine. Countless restaurants will make you discover unexpected flavors, from Little Italy to the Mile-End down through the Plateau Mont-Royal.

Ambling through the various parts of Montreal is a pure pleasure. Stroll along the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal where exhibitions take place in the summer or in Old Montreal to learn more about the history of this beautiful city. Many guided bike, scooter or even boat tours will fulfill your desire for discovery and adventure. In July, "Weekends du Monde" and "Piknic Electronik" will make you dance to the rhythms of beautiful musical discoveries. Also enjoy the many terraces and micro-breweries that offer a wide variety of beers for a refreshing break! For night owls, Montreal will not leave you wanting, from its frenzied nightclubs to more intimate atmospheres - all the makings of an unforgettable evening.

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