Organized by LES U.S. & Canada and LESI’S YOUNG MEMBERS CONGRESS

LESI is a strictly non-political an association of 33 national and regional Member Societies, comprised of men and women who have a shared interest in the transfer of technology, licensing of intellectual property rights, technical know-how, patented inventions, copyright, and trademarks. Traditionally business-oriented, LESI counts among its 11,500+ members management representatives from large multinationals to small start-ups located all over the globe. However, today LESI is more than that. It boasts a membership diverse enough to include scientists, engineers, academicians, governmental officials, lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys and consultants. LESI’s Young Members Congress is comprised of young executives, all 40 years old and under, with an aim at providing specific educational and networking opportunities and career booting opportunities for this group.